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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have a ready stock of Rolling shutter of standard size?
  2. Rolling shutters are made according to the specific requirement provided by the customer. There are sizes that are used by most customers like 4x7, 6x8, 8x8, 10x8, 10x10, 11'3x11'3", 12x12 etc.

    However the civil or structural fabrication is not made accurately as per the above sizes and there is a variation from1" to 3" in both the width and height. So its best to measure the opening and fabricate the shutter.

  3. How do you calculate the are when you measure a rolling shutter?
  4. The area is measured by taking into account the outer size in width and height. So for an opening of 8ft width and 8ft height the outer size is taken for the calculation of area which is 6" more in width and 18" more in height. The other accessories like hood cover, Ball bearing pulleys, gear arrangements, automation are charged extra as per the requirement of the customer.

  5. What is the lead time for delivery and Installation?
  6. We in Rakhi Rolling shutters can deliver shutters in short span of time even in a days time. However the measurement of the opening needs to be checked physically at site and it would be appropriate if we are in the loop from the early stages of construction as we can coordinate with the construction team for any civil, electrical requirements prior to the delivery and installation.

  7. What are the available choices in Rolling shutter?
  8. We in Rakhi Rolling shutters have quite a good number of choice of materials like CRCA, GI, GALVALUME, ALUMINIUM, POLYCARBONATE etc.

  9. Do you have ISI Certification?
  10. We donot have ISI Certification even though we are a registered SSI. However since we have a 50 year industry experience we can manufacture the rolling shutter as per IS6428.

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